22 March 2006
Missing Command Line 2006          
Is your command line missing in AutoCAD 2006? Earlier versions stored the location in the registry. In 2006, it's a little different. Here are a few tricks to restore a 'missing' command line.

  • In 2006, the command line is a dockable window similar to Properties and Sheet Set Manager, and it can be "turned off". Try typing in the command COMMANDLINE, or pressing the key combination Ctrl+9
  • It may just be floating below your windows taskbar. Try repostioning the taskbar.
  • Command line position, size and whether it's docked or floating is saved per workspace. Try switching to a different workspace.
  • Modify your current workspace. Open the CUI editor, highlight your current workspace on the left side, and click Customize Workspace on the right side. Right below there, navigate the Dockable Windows category and click on Command Line. Just below there you will see the properties, change them as shown here:

    • Show = Yes
    • Orientation = Top
    • Allow Docking = Yes
    • Height = 200
    • Width = 600

    Now press Apply and OK. The command line should be docked at the top now.
  • If all else fails, follow these steps.

    • Shut down AutoCAD and open Windows Explorer.
    • Navigate to your local support directory. This will typically be: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Autodesk\<autodesk product>\R16.2\enu\Support\
    • From there, go into the Profiles directory.
    • Look for a file named "".
    • Either rename it or move it to another location
    • Restart AutoCAD

If you are REALLY adventurous, the properties of the Command Line are stored in the "" file, which is XML format. I'm not suggesting to start hacking away at this file, because one of the above methods will almost surely restore your command line.

Good luck and let me know how this works for you.


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