14 March 2006
AutoCAD 2006 - AUGI ATP Training          
If you are using AutoCAD 2005 or earlier, here's a chance to see what's new in AutoCAD 2006. AUGI ATP Course ATP110

With all the buzz about the soon to be released AutoCAD 2007, why is this class being offered now? First off, it was requested. But secondly, if you are one of the many users that are not on 2006, then whether you upgrade to 2006, 2007, or even a future release, the features in 2006 will still be there. Imagine upgrading from R13 to 2002 and missing out on MDI or the plotting upgrades introduced in 2000.

This is my first time as an ATP instructor, so bear with me. The class handout is more of a reference guide than a 'step-by-step' tutorial on certain features. Feedback is appreciated.

Register for this course and join in. If you are not an AUGI member, there is no cost to join.

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