06 February 2007
Design Review 2007 Silent Install          

Scott Sheppard has an excellent post on how to perform a silent install for Design Review 2007 on his Beyond the Paper blog. I've been installing products like AutoCAD, Land Desktop, Toolpac, and others silently for a while now. The MSI interface makes it pretty simple. Here is a list of all the command line switches for MSI.

What is strange about this one is that in Scott's tip, the string includes the required serial number and something about a silent license. I had jumped the gun early and created my own install for this without these additional strings and mine has been working just fine. How it bypasses the need for a S/N, I don't know.

Feel free to try this in addition to Scott's tip. I would be interested to know if this works everywhere.

MSIEXEC /i "\\server\share\SetupDesignReview.msi" /l*v %temp%\DesignReview.log /qb!

The /i tells it to perform an "install" (as opposed to a repair or uninstall)

The /l*v tells it to log all information in a verbose manner (the log file ends up being about 3.5mb)

%temp%\DesignReview.log is the name of the log file. It will be written to the %temp% directory.

The /qb! tells it to do a silent install and remove the "Cancel" button from the model dialog, preventing users from cancelling this install.

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