31 January 2007
D - Drafting Settings          

A quick tip regarding the Drafting Settings dialog box. It is possible to open this dialog and set the visible tab. You may want to do this if you want to access a certain tab from within a lisp file, a menu, toolbar button, or even a tool palette.

Recall that that actual command for this dialog box is "DSETTINGS". So at the command line, simply prefix this command with a "+".

Tab Index <0>:0

Notice that it prompts you for a "Tab Index". This is a zero based index corresponding to the tabs in the dialog. "0" displays the first tab, "1" displays the second tab, and so on. The above command would open the dialog with the "Snap and Grid" tab visible. If you wanted to display the "Dynamic Input" tab, you would specify an index of "3".

Doing this on the command line isn't much help, since you can open the dialog and pick the tab you want quicker than you can remember what "index" to select, however if you want direct access to a particular tab, you can use a lisp statement.

The following example will open the dialog to the "Object Snap" tab:

(command "+DSETTINGS" "2")


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