16 January 2007
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Since AutoCAD move to the MDI world back in 1999, users have wanted a fast way to switch drawings. Some of these include...

  • Set the system variable TASKBAR to 1 and you get a button for each open drawing on the Windows taskbar. This is how R14 would have appeared when you had multiple "sessions" open.
  • The Windows pull-down menu allows you to select an open drawing.
  • Ctrl+Tab cycles through drawings pretty quickly if you are a keyboard junkie.

How about another layer of "tabs" like you have for switching layouts? 8 years later and it's still not built into AutoCAD, but there are several vendors out there with add-on's that provide this functionality. We use the "DWG Tabs/Manager". It's basic, but free and stable. I have tested some, but NOT all of these. This is not meant to be a rating grid, only a summary so that if you are looking for this type of tool, all the links are here.

If I have missed any, let me know.

Name Version Cost Notes
DWG Tabs/Manager 2000-2007 FREEVery basic, but stable.
DWGSTRIP 2000-2007FREE  
iDwgTab 2000-2007 FREE Multiple files, no install program. Customizable.
AcadXTabs™ 2000-2007 See Prices  
DocBar 2000-2007 See Prices Many features as seen on website.
Drawing Tabs 2007 Only FREE Limited features, no Vista support, no tooltips in Win2k.


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Comment from: Anonymous Sanjay Desai
Date: May 16, 2008 at 10:01:00 AM CDT  

I have tried iDwgTab and found it to have amazing functionality for a freeware. Thanks.

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