30 January 2008
Autodesk drops Carlson          

According to this press release, Autodesk has revoked the UAR (Unique Application Reseller) status of Carlson Software, because Carlson "ha[s] been determined not to meet the current Autodesk partnering needs." The partnership ends 02-20-08.

Carlson will continue to offer applications that run on AutoCAD and AutoCAD MAP, they just won't be able to sell you the AutoCAD license directly.

Carlson was able to renew their AutoCAD OEM engine agreement for their Survey and Takeoff applications, but not for Carlson Roads. According to Carlson, their AutoCAD OEM engine costs will be "significantly higher". Because Roads was dropped, Carlson will be pursuing a different CAD engine for this application. Does this mean Survey and Takeoff will be migrated to this other, yet unnamed CAD engine? We'll have to wait and see.

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