05 December 2007
Linetypes on 3D Polylines          
In AutoCAD, you can assign a non-continuous linetype to a 3D polyline, but it will not display or plot.

If you need 3D polylines, and you need a non-continuous linetype, for example to represent the flowline of a ditch - there are a couple of workarounds. Both assume that you have assigned the correct linetype to your 3D polylines.

  1. Copy all the 3D polylines in place, explode the copies and place them on a new layer. Create a "plot only" layer state that freezes the layer containing the 3D polylines and thaws the layer containing the 2D polylines. Set this layer state current before plotting.
  2. Before you get ready to plot, save the drawing. Now explode all your 3D polylines, then plot and quit without saving.

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