14 October 2005
Keeping up with your CAD Blogs          
How do you keep up with all the CAD blogs? If you use Firefox, you might want to look at an extension called Sage. With one click of the refresh button, all your subscribed feeds are updated and ready to view. Updated feeds names are listed BOLD, so you can navigate right to the fresh information.

Setting up is easy. Install Sage, and then just drag and drop the little icon onto the Sage panel. For Blogger accounts, you can add the URL http://<address_of_blog>/atom.xml

If you prefer a newsreader format, Thunderbird is also equipped for RSS/Atom feeds. Just add a new account as if you were adding an email account, but choose RSS News & Blogs. After the account is created, simply drag and drop the little icon, or add your feed URL's manually.

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