07 November 2007
Embed (or bind) IMAGES in a drawing file          
If you work with images in your drawings, you have probably wished you could embed (or bind) an image instead of it being referenced like an xref. I posted some work-arounds for this problem a while back. Now there is a built-in method, with a couple of catches....

AutoCAD Raster Design (ARD) 2008 includes a new command (IEMBED) that allows you to embed a raster image in the DWG file. What's the catch? Besides needing ARD, image embedding only works on bitonal (black and white) images and if the recepient of this DWG file does not have ARD, they will need the Raster Design Object Enabler to view the image. Also, commands like IMAGECLIP and IMAGEADJUST will not work on an embedded image. The embedded image is a AECIDBEMBEDDEDRASTERIMAGE entity.

Embedded images can be "unembedded", or converted back to an IMAGE entity using the IUNEMBED command in ARD. When you do this, you are asked to provide a file name and path. It does not link the IMAGE back to the original location.

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