20 September 2007
PDF talk...          
In a recent, highly unscientific poll with only 81 respondents, 60% of readers said they use PDF when they send drawings outside the office. 7% said they use DWF.

The reason I bring this back up is a statement made by Mike Hudspeth in an article titled MCAD Modeling, in the September 2007 Cadalyst. The statement was...

Everything is 3D today. It's hard to avoid it. Even Adobe Acrobat, the industry de facto standard document-transfer format, is offering 3D capability...

I know Autodesk has been making strides in 3D capabilities with DWF, but this article flat out calls PDF the "de facto" standard for document transfer. So is DWF gaining or losing ground?

We primarily work with what I consider 2D drawings in Land Desktop and AutoCAD (no 3D solids), so we have little to no experience with portable 3D files in DWF or PDF format.

If you work with 3D files and share them using either method, please leave a comment with any thoughts you have on this matter. Thanks!

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Date: December 18, 2007 at 10:11:00 AM CST  

Also, the most requested feature in the AUGI wishlist was to allow inserting PDF into drawings like you can with other images. PDFs are part of the business workflow. ADesk needs to realize that.

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