30 July 2007
Free AutoCAD add-ons          
Here is a quick list of some of the free AutoCAD add-ons to which I frequently point people. Take a look, there may be something in here you can use. Be sure to read the download page for details or changes regarding the "free" policy.

  • DOSLib - A library of AutoLISP-callable functions that provides a variety of Windows operating system capabilities to AutoCAD.
  • Deter.vlx - Makes a copy of your drawing very difficult for others to edit.
  • - Imports named views from a second drawing.
  • Layerhtm.exe - Create a printable HTML table of your layer settings.
  • New-lin.lsp - Extract all linetype definitions from a drawing.
  • To-lin.lsp - Extract a single linetype definition from a drawing.
  • Getpat.lsp - Extract hatch pattern definitions from a drawing.
  • Tlen.lsp - Returns the total length from a selection of lines, polylines, arcs, etc.
  • Autovbaload.lsp - Define AutoCAD commands that autoload and run VBA macros.
  • Dlf.lsp - Delete named layer filters.
  • CopyPlineSeg.lsp - Copies a polyline segment
  • Dwgman.exe - Drawing Tabs for MDI

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