26 June 2007
Spline to Polyline          

There are a number of ways to convert splines to polylines. Here are four of them.

  • Flatten - if you have Express Tools installed, run the flatten command and select the splines. They will be converted to LWPOLYLINES regardless of the setting of PLINETYPE.
  • SPL2PL.VLX - This is a free tool from After you download it, drag and drop the .VLX file into the AutoCAD editor, then run the command SPL2PL. This tool will create a POLYLINE or LWPOLYLINE depending on the setting of the system variable PLINETYPE.
  • WMFOUT/WMFIN - Run the WMFOUT command, enter a filename, then select the splines. Now erase the spline, and then run the WMFIN command. Use the upper left corner of the viewport as the insertion point, and then scale it 2X. The resulting entity is a POLYLINE.
  • Save As R12DXF - If you save a drawing as R12 DXF format, all splines will be converted to POLYLINE entities.

UPDATE (Aug 2008) - AutoCAD 2009 Bonus Pack 1 (available to subscription members) contains a spline to polyline routine.

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Very useful, Thanks !

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