09 October 2008
Hurricane IKE          

Hurricane Ike hit the area one month ago this Friday/Saturday. We are about 70 miles inland and most of the area here is back to "normal", as far as work and school go, but the closer you get towards the coast, the longer it will be until things are back to "normal". Many people I know even around here didn't have power restored until 2+ weeks after the storm. There are still some schools closed. Galveston and eastward are pretty much still a wreck.

Photos do not fully convey the damage, but here are a few that try...

A common site up in this area even a month later is the mountains of what used to be living trees, still piled along neighborhood streets.

Interstate 45 just north of the Galveston causeway, the day after the storm.

Highway 146 a few miles inland.

Some people think all of Texas is like this...

...but we do have a few towns here also... Downtown Houston after the storm.

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